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About Halkidiki or Chalkidiki

In the center of Macedonia and to the South lies Halkidiki peninsula 69km Southeast of the northern port city of Thessaloniki between Thermaikos and Strimonikos gulfs.

A land of 3000 square km ending in the famous three peninsulas, like fingers which stretch out into the Aegean Sea. Kassandra to the West, Sithonia (or Loggos) in the middle and Athos (Agio Oros) to the East. A blessed place of extraordinary beauty, as the sea curves into the land, unique in Greece.
As always in Greece mythology and history mix. It is here that the battle between the giants and the olympian gods took place. Here in the west part of Halkidiki, the ancient site of Flegra (Pallini) Egelados, the earthquake giant, is burried. It is also here that Athos has been reformed by the rock that giant Athos threw against the Gods. Even Sithonia is named after Poseidon's sun Sithon.


Halkidiki – mytical place in Greece

Halkidiki was considered to be the actual battle field where the legendary “Titanomahia” (the Titans’ battle) took place between the Titan Giants and the Olympian Gods.  The leader of the giants, Enceladus, was buried alive in Kassandra peninsula during the battle and, according to the myth, he has been trying ever since to get back to the surface. Every time an attempt is made the region is rocked with earthquakes and this is why an earthquake is also known as the Enceladus strike in Greece. Kassandra peninsula was named after the king of Macedonia, Kassandros. Sithonia was named after Sithon who was in fact son of the god of the sea, Poseidon. During the Titanomahia, a giant named Athos threw a rock at Poseidon which was the size of a mountain and after missing his target the rock afloat at the surface of the sea. That is where Mount Athos lays till this day.


Discover mountains in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is also home to many earthly paradises for those who love mountains. Paths for mountain biking and walking cut their way through the forests of pine, oak, fir and chestnut trees. Here you can feel the pure air refreshing every cell in your body, and crystal clear refreshingly cool water gushes from dozens of hidden springs for you to quench your thirst. If you’d like to stay in the mountains, check out the traditional guesthouses at Holomóntas and in other areas up on the mountain slopes.


Famous beaches of Halkidiki

The area of Halkidiki is very famous for its beaches and also has the reputation to have some of the best beaches of Greece. The beaches remind tropical ones with amazing crystal-clear blue or turquoise waters and long white fine sandy beaches. Halkidiki is combining those paradisiacal beaches with incredible dense vegetation and forest. The most famous beaches of Halkidiki are Kallithea, Neos Marmaras and Vourvourou.


Halkidiki has great infrastructure for tourism

There is an infrastructure for tourism with hotels and rooms to rent, offering comfortable places to spend the night. You can also have guided visits at the historic and archaeological sites. Especially noteworthy is the cave and the museum at Petralona, the archaeological site of Olynthus, the early Christian basilicas in Nikiti and the museum in Polygyros.There is a frequent bus service connecting Halkidiki to Thessaloniki. . If you have your own boat, you will find a very well equipped marina at Porto Carras, Sithonia and also at Sani, Cassandra. From Halkidiki you can travel to the nearby city of Thessaloniki.  You might also want to visit the island of Amouliani, connected on a dally basis by a small ferry-boat from Trypiti. During the summer months there is a hydrofoil connection at Nea Moudania, Pevkohori and Neos Marmaras with the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos.


How to get to Halkidiki

You can come to Halkidiki by plane using the airport "Makedonia" of Thessaloniki city.
You can rich airport using various flights from different europe cities.

After arrive to airport use the Bus routs, taxi orrent a car. Using the car or taxi is about 30' min to Nea Moudania and an hour to Neos Marmaras.

Halkidiki can be reached by boat. Thes sortest port is Thessaloniki Port Authority. You can use of course the Kavala port if you coming from East Agean islands.








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