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Beauty of Zagori

In the Zagori region you'll find a landscape filled with beautiful mountain villages linked by stone-tiled trails and humpbacked bridges. In the high country of the Pindos Mountains you'll thrill to meadows ablaze with crocus and ringed by towering limestone peaks. Here, too, is the Vikos Gorge, one of Europe's most spectacular! Hike to the monasteries of Meteora perched precariously atop towering sandstone pinnacles. You'll also have an opportunity to ascend to the summit of Mount Olympus, legendary home of the Greek gods.


Sacred places in Zagory

A network of Sacred Natural Sites is found in Zarori, a region in the mountainous areas of Northwest Greece. These are either protective forests or groves on the mountain slopes above villages or groups of veteran trees around chapels. Their spiritual foundations and maintenance have been interpreted as a way of management of local resources and ecosystems through religious rules. Sacred trees and groves have been associated with taboos about tree cutting, for example relating to supernatural punishments. In the past, these locally adapted management systems regulated the use of ecosystem services by the community. They also served as a last resort in times of need or as a protection for the villages against natural hazards.


Beautifu vilages in Zagori

One of the most beautiful and traditional villages of the area is the village of ?Kipi?. It is a known village since 1431. It was the capital of Zagori area. The village has remarkable stone-made buildings, bridges e.t.c. The village of Kipi is just 38 Km from Ioannina city and is built in an altitude of 800 metres.






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