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Valia Kalda


About Valia Kalda

This national park lies in north-western Greece and covers the forested slopes of part of the Pindos Mts. The habitats include mountains, reaching a maximum of 2177m, dense forest of Black and Bosnian Pine, Beech and Greek Fir, and several fast-flowing rivers winding through narrow gorges. Despite much disturbance in recent decades from dam and road construction, this remains one of the wildest and most remote areas of Greece.


Lygkos mountain in Valia Kalda

Lygkos  also transliterated as Lyngos or Lygos is a remote mountain range in the eastern Ioannina and the western Grevena regional unit in northwestern Greece. It is a part of the Pindus mountain range. Its highest point is the Avgo, at 2,177 m elevation. The Lygkos mountains lie in a horseshoe shape around the Valia Kalda (????? ??????) valley, which exits towards the Aoos valley to the west. The Valia Kalda is part of the Pindus-Valia Kalda National Park, founded in 1966. It is one of the coldest and wettest regions of Greece.The mountains are densely forested, with alpine meadows in the highest elevations.

Recreation in Valia Kalda

Pindus National Park is considered as one of the least visited and least known National Parks in Europe and it is not signposted from the main roads of the region. The area offers opportunities for hiking with its dirt roads being in good condition except in winter.The park can be best accessed from north, from the village of Perivoli, while there is also a track from the west side, near Milia. A climbing resort lies near Mavrovouni peak, at a height of 1,950 metres (6,400 ft), which is an ideal base for excursions to the Park's area. According to the local legislation, the collection of any kind of organism is not allowed, while camping and staying in the park's core after the setting of the sun is prohibited. Additional restrictions include the lighting of fires, while activities such as kayaking and rafting need a special clearance from the local forestry.






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