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About Pelion

Mount Pelion, or Pilio as it is also known, is easliy one of the most naturally beautiful and inspiring regions in all of Greece. Situated in the region of Magnesia in Thessaly in Central Greece, Pelion offers you the holidays you have always dreamed about. With the huge Mount Pelion dominating the skyline, and the beautiful sandy beaches and blue waters surrounding the coast, Pelion is a visually stunning region to visit. All year round, visitors will visit Pelion, and experience all the magic and beauty of this place we call home.


Pelion facts for climbers

Located at the north end of the Tantalus Range, Pelion Mountain is a moderately technical summit. Together with its close neighbour, Ossa Mountain, they comprise the northern bastion of the Tantalus Range. Although the Sigurd Creek Trail approaches within 2km of the peak, its rough condition, a one-way distance of ~10km and 2200m elevation gain contributes to keeping the numbers down. Pelion Mountain is normally climbed today from Sigurd Creek Trail. The trail makes the climb a few notches less demanding than what a climb of Mount Tantalus used to be, before aircraft support lowered the standard to what it is today. However, the original flavour of the early climbs can still be obtained by following the first ascent route from Zenith Lake. This approach adds a river crossing by canoe, bushwhack through 4000ft of jungle and timber to Zenith Lake and a long approach from Zenith-Tantalus col to the SW ridge. This three-day climb is probably not contemplated much these days except by masochists and young offenders serving punishment.


Best time to visit Pelion

Pelion is a destination that is popular in all four seasons. If you are looking for a quiet winter getaway, visiting snowy Pelion during the Christmas holiday season is most excellent, though prices are high and accommodations might be hard to find though.






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