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About mount Paiko

Mountain Paiko is a small mountain range that lies on the border of Pella and Kilkis regional units in Central Macedonia, Greece. Morphologically, Paiko is a curvy extension to the NE of the adjacent Voras mountain range. Together they surround the plain of Aridea. East and south of Paiko are the plains of the Vardar (Axios) river and the plains of Giannitsa respectively.

The highest peaks are Skra (1097 m), Tsouma (1219 m), Vertopia (1490 m), Pirgos (1494 m), Kadasi (1607 m) and Ghola Tsuka (1650 m). Pirgos, Vertopia and Kadasi surround a large plateau (formerly native grassland) at altitude around 1200 m. Most areas of the plateau are residential or cultivated


Perfect place to visit

It is one of the most beautiful, scenic and massive mountains in Greece and charms visitors with its amazing forests, streams, waters and villages. Griva, Karpi, Kastaneri, Livadia and other remarkable villages can offer so many things to visitors by combining the natural beauty with the organized entertainment areas.

Chestnut trees, cedar trees, willows, poplar trees, beech trees and ferns are some of the species that compose the exuberant vegetation of Paiko.

There is a large plateau on top of Paiko mountain and amongst its lush green slopes and in the middle of plateu Livadi village with its great history. The plateau is ideal for ski and the surrounding area is perfect for climbing and walking.

Paiko is offering peaceful and beautiful scenery all year long is a perfect place to visit.






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