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Short introduction about Thassos

Thassos, "The Green Island", is situated in the gulf of Kavala, in the northern part of the Aegean Sea and its the closest one to the mainland of Greece (8 km). One can reach Thassos only by a short ferry trip from the mainland cities Kavala or Keramoti. The beauty of Thassos combines the rich vegetation of the pine-trees and olive groves, the crystal-clear waters, the traditional village lifestyle, archaeological sites, modern shops and night-life, all found on one island.

How to reach Thassos

The least expensive way is to fly to Thessaloniki on a direct flight and then take a bus, or either rent a car at the airport or take a taxi to go on to Keramoti to catch a ferry to Thassos. The drive time is about two - two and one half hours, and renting a car for the trip to Keramoti is the least expensive. When you check for rental cars, be sure to get a quote from Potos Car Rental which has an office at the airport and offers discounts to the Thassos Traveler.

Places to visit in Thassos

Visit the ruins of Philippi (Filippi) and try to imagine the battle that took place near there between Mark Anthony and Brutus (42 BC) of the Roman Empire. Walk on portions of the ancient Roman Road (Via Egnatia) that these two armies also walked on and later the Apostle Paul as well. Gaze at the remains of the prison that the Apostle Paul was jailed, in 49 AD (New Testament, Act's 16:12). To learn more about Philippi, explore the sights of Kavala .

Visit the village of Lydia (1 km from Philippi) where the Apostle baptized many Christians during his 2nd journey 49-52 AD and again on his 3rd journey between 53-57 AD. While there, you can visit the Healing Mud Baths of Lydia as well.





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