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About Samos

Samos is an island with unique natural beauties. It is situated in East Aegean Sea, right across the shores of Minor Asia. An channel of 1200m (7 stadia in the ancient Greek measure of length) separates the two of them. North of Samos is the peninsula of Erythrea, northwest of it "myrovolos" Chios, while west and southwest of the island we meet Ikaria and the island complex of Fourni. South of Samos are located Dodecanese islands, Agathonisi, Arki and Patmos are the closest to it.

Beautiful beaches of Samos

There are beaches, both sandy and shingle, all around the coast so swimming and sunbathing are popular activities. The water is very clear but cold up until May. The nearest major beach to the town of Samos is Gagkou Beach, a fifteen minute walk with the sea on your left from the ferry port. This is a pebble beach but there are areas of sand in the water. You can rent sun loungers and there are bars/cafes on the seafront although you may not be able to consume their food and drink on the beach itself.

Things to see in Samos

Samos has many sights that the tourist should visit, this because of its rich history as well as its extraordinary natural beauty. Some of the most interesting places to visit are its museums. There's one Paleontological, two History and two Folklore museums that will help you discover the history of Samos from Prehistory till nowadays.

The visitor should not omit visiting the various villages during his sight-seeing tour of the island. There are 34 of them, and each one of them with unique features, history, architecture and geographical location that enrich them with special beauty.

Another important sight are the monasteries, where you can admire their frescoes, architecture and artifacts. Most of them are constructed in privileged locations with great view.





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