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Rodos (Rhodes)



About Rodos

Rhodes is one of the largest and most fertile of the Greek Islands, and is one of the most visited because of its combination of beaches, archaeological sites, and extensive medieval town. The climate is particularly good, with the weather typically sunny and mild. The island is usually counted as one of the Dodecanese, but due to its importance for travelers is considered separately here.

The rock-rose is so prolific here that it has been named the 'Island of Roses,' though modern scholars doubt the ancient theory that the island's name comes from the Greek word for rose. While the northern coast is renowned for its lively tourist resorts the south offers tranquil beaches and a slower, more simplier pace of life.


How to reach Rodos?

Rhodes can be reached by plane or by ferry. Most people who visit Rhodes go there by transfer from Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". Rhodes has an international airport that also receives a few direct charter flights from other European and American cities. Many people also go to Rhodes by ferry. The trip by ferry takes much longer than by plane because the distance is long and the ferries are normal. Nowadays Rhodes can be reached in about 10 hours.


Museums to visit in Rhodes

Rhodes has something for every taste: shopaholics (its August clothing sales are notable), beach habitués, archaeology buffs, museum hounds, and bar-crawlers.

The best laid-out and labelled of several old-town museums occupies the Palace of the Grand Masters, where three separate galleries cover Rhodian history thematically from the third century BC to the Ottoman conquest. Spare time for the unheralded  Museum of Modern Greek Art at 100 Palms Square, the largest such collection outside Athens: canvases by semi-abstract Nikos Hadzikyriakos-Ghikas, sailor-obsessed Yiannis Tsarouhis, the surrealist Nikos Engonopoulos, the naïve Theophilos and neo-Byzantinist Fotis Kondoglou – who also decorated  Evangelismós cathedral with superb frescoes.






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