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Where is Naxos?

Naxos, 2 this beautiful Cycladic Island lies at the center of Aegean sea. It is the biggest island of the complex and distinguishes for its long-age history and fertile land. Naxos has a ground of 440 sq. km and a shore length that stretches up to 148 km.  It borders with many cycladic islands and is connected to them through frequent ferry courses.

Westwards, Naxos borders with Paros, northwards with Mykonos and Delos, southwards, southeastwards with small Cyclades islands (Heraklia, Shinoussa, Koufonissia) and eastwards with the small islands of Donoussa, Stroggili and Aghia Paraskevi.


How to travel to Naxos?

Naxos can be reached by plane or by ferry. Many people fly to Naxos by transfer from Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". The flight takes about 35 minutes. Naxos has a domestic airport and therefore doesn't receive charter flights.  The trip by ferry takes much longer than by plane but many progress has been done in recent years to ameliorate the itineraries. Now Naxos can be reached in about 5 hours. Ferries to Naxos leave from the port of Piraeus, to the south of Athens, which is connected to the Athens International Airport by regular buses and the subway.


Places you should visit in Naxos

The most recognizable landmark of Naxos is the Portara, an iconic 6th century BC marble gate on the islet of Palatia in Naxos harbor. It is the only remnant of a temple dedicated to Apollo. Naxos is well known for its wonderful beaches, some with advantageous winds for prime windsurfing and kitesurfing. Most of the Island's West coast is one long sandy beach with crystal clear azure water, the most popular areas of which are Prokopios, Agia Anna, Plaka and Mikri Vigla. It also has a mountainous interior with a great variety of valleys and villages, easily reachable by a well-maintained road system. Archaeological highlights include the Kouros of Melanes and Apollonas, Dimitra's Temple at Sangri and the Cheimarros Tower.


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