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Short introduction about Lesbos

Lesbos is the largest island of the North-Eastern Aegean. It is a very beautiful island with wonderful beaches, picturesque villages, friendly inhabitants, thermal springs and interesting architecture. Despite tourism, the inhabitants of the island of Lesvos have kept their tradition and customs. Lesvos is famous for its excellent ouzo and for being the birthplace of the female poet Sappho.
This section of Greece, Lesvos Island, provides much information: pictures, map, villages, history, museums, architecture, excursions, weather and more such as a large range of hotels.

Explore Lesbos island

Visit traditional old villages, and hidden paths with Jeep safari tours. See the small village of Pyrgi Thermis on the east side of the island. Very friendly people, Small beach, war ruins near the beach. And also foreign university students during the whole of summer. There is also a 4-star hotel, Lesvos Inn, on the sandy beach close to the thermal baths of Pyrgi, that offers rooms from 50-100 Euros a night and excellent service. The hotel offers Internet access and spa facilities. They speak English. Visit the thermal baths at Eftalou beach on the north side of the island, about 5 km from Molyvos. You can cool off from the hot water by going in the sea, and go back and forth as often as you want.

Lesbos Island paradine for creators

Lesvos, as it can be seen from its classical history, its abundance of poets, musicians, philosophers and lawgivers, was one of the great cultural centers of the Greek world. It was second perhaps only to Athens, in its influence if not in its power. As a place for a holiday, for a rest or for quiet work, Lesvos is HARD to BETTER. It is big enough to permit that change of scene so necessary if one is to avoid "island claustrophobia". It has a further advantage that it is easy from here to organize a trip to visit Troy or to explore the coastline of ancient Ionia.





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