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Confusing name

Evia, prounounced "effia", is also known as Evvia or Euboea. It's is Greece's second-largest island, just after the big island of Crete. But for most foreign travelers, Evia's almost invisible on the travel radar. Yet this Greek island is very easy to get to, has great culinary traditions, hot springs, and interesting archaeological sites.


Things to see in Euboea

The capital of Evia, Chalkida, has been the capital since antiquity. It is a modern town today, with many shops, banks, bars, restaurants and so on. This is also where the bridge and ferryboats to and from the mainland are. Here, you can visit an interesting archaeological museum and see the ruins of ancient temples, as well as a 15th century fortress.

There are hundreds of villages on Evia to visit. Paleochora has an interesting cave, as well as several remains from antiquity. In Ano Potamia you can visit a kastro built by the Franks during the Middle Ages. In Rouvies there used to be an oracle dedicated to Apollo, and here you can visit an interesting monastery called Osiou David Geronta. At Orei there is another fortress built by the Franks, and nearby is the lovely plain of Istea. In Gialtra there are springs with curing waters. There are radioactive hot wells in Therma as well.


Relax in Euboea

Evia is also famous for the natural spas that are found here. In the town of Edipsos ( Aidipsos ), there are a huge number of natural spas and waters, and the town is generally refered to as the "Spa Capital" of the island. Spa and therapeutic holidays are very popular on the island of Evia, and there are many hotels and companies offering a great selection of health and natural spa holidays, where visitors can enjoy the healing properties of these unique waters, which have been known about since ancient times.

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