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Mythical Corfu Island

Corfu (Korfu) is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, and is called Kerkyra (Kerkira, Korkyra) as well. According to Greek mythology, the island got its name from the daughter of the river god Asopos, Nymph Korkyra, who was carried away by Poseidon. In Homer's Odyssey we read that Odysseus found shelter here in Corfu at the end of his wanderings and received the care of King Alkinoos and his people Pheaces and his daughter Nafsika.

Getting to Corfu

Flying to Corfu , for most Europeans, is an easy flight lasting less than 3 hours. Corfu's International airport is located on the edge of Corfu town, it is modern and compact. During the summer months  there are regular charter flights from most European countries to Corfu.

Corfu's port is at the edge of Corfu town. Ferries from Greek mainland offer a regular service as well as ferries from Italy. Corfu port is also a popular stop for visiting cruise ships.

Mon Repos in Corfu

Mon Repo sis the most popular attraction in Corfu; the evergreen estate of Mon Repos is located in Palaiopoli, about 3km from Corfu Town and has a truly outstanding sea view.This is where Frederick Adam, the High Commissioner of Eptanisa, built his summer estate in 1831. In 1864 the Palace was granted to King George I and the legendary Princess Elizabeth (Sissy) also stayed there. In this very palace, Philip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburg and spouse of Queen Elizabeth, was born. The architecturally impressive colonial style with neoclassical and Greek elements is surrounded by lush gardens with more than 2.000 species of plants, mostly gifts from royal families.

Visitors will be enchanted by the two famous statues of Achilles, located in the gardens, just outside the palace; the “Dying Achilles” by Ernst Herter and a huge statue of Achilles the Triumphant. Scenes from the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” were also shot there.

Island and the city

Corfu refers to both the island and to its main town. Villages of whitewashed houses confetti the sunny isle, two to 15 miles off the Albanian coast. Kerkyra, as it is called in Greek, is rich in Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and vibrant nightlife, just some of the reasons it remains the most popular Ionian island. The cosmopolitan town has a population of 37,000, and a wealth of Greek, French and British influences in its maze of narrow, cobbled streets and sophisticated New Town.

Island of Natural Beauty

Corfu, the island of endless natural beauty, the island of song and music, of unending inspiration, a combination of the cosmopolitan and the traditional. The island will leave the visitor with unforgettable memories, excite him with unparalleled images and touch chords in his soul as he pays homage to the culture of the seven islands. How can we put in few words all the elements which make up this earthly paradise, this place which has been so generously blessed by God and which has been written about by so many illustrious writers and poets, like Lawrence Durrel among others.

Walk Along Corfu

Corfu is an ideal location for a keen walker. The North is fairly rugged with Mt. Pantokrator, the highest mountain, and beneath it Corfu's oldest village, Ano Perithia. At the other extreme is Korission Lake in the South; an inland lake, separated by a thin sand bar from the sea.

The Corfu Trail is a 222km long distance footpath covering the full length of the islands. The route is well signed and a book accompanies the trail there is also an introduction, history and walking guide for Old Perithia, Corfu's oldest village which you pass through on the Corfu Trai









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