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This Aegean island has connected its name with a unique aroma. That of mastic. The tears of lentisk, as people call the natural gym resin that comes out of this tree, is the trademark of Chios.
Even though this sweet-scented Aegean island owes its fame to mastic, it gains visitors with its unseen natural beauties and architecture that takes them back to past times. The coexistence of yesterday with today, of old with new and the eagerness of every traveler to sense everything in the ultimate level, make Chios the ideal destination for those seeking for an adventurous holiday to heighten senses.

Places to visit: capital of Chios

The capital and harbour is Chios and is connected by ferry to the islands of Inoysses, Psara and the Turkish beaches of Tsesme and Aivali. In the northern part of the city, near the harbour, is the Fortress with Koula (tall tower) and Krya Vrysi on its inside, with many traditional houses. Near the central gate is the Palataki Ioustiniani of the 15th century used as a museum. One of the most beautiful sights of Chios is located close to the capital where the famous mansions of Kambos are. More specifically there were imposing villas of Chios aristocracy of the 19th and 20th centuries, built with deep red and yellow/white stones.

Famous places in Chios

Nea Moni is a monastery with fine mosaics from Constantine IX's reign and a World Heritage Site. Castle of Chios, Chios Byzantine Museum, Archaeological Museum of Chios are worth visiting. The town of Vrontados is home to a unique Easter celebration, where competing teams of locals gather at the town's two (rival) churches to fire tens of thousands of homemade rockets at the other church's bell tower while the Easter service is going on inside the churches, in what has become known as rouketopolemos ("the Easter church war").





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