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About Cephalonia

Cephalonia (also known as Kefalonia) is located on the West coast of Greece, and has a mild climate along with excellent beaches. The island of Kefalonia has escaped mass tourism and recently was used to film Captain Corelli's Mandolin, set in war-time Kefalonia. The film, with Nikolas Cage, was a huge success and it put Kefalonia firmly on the 'must visit' list of destinations.

Explore ancient history in Cephalonia

Kefalonia island is supposed to owns its name from Kephalos who was the first king of the area, during the Palaeolithic era. According to the locals, this king founded the four main cities of the island which were Sami, Pahli, Krani and Pronnoi, named after his sons. This explains why the island was called Tetrapolis (Four Towns) during this period. Those four cities were autonomous and independent and they had their own regimes and coins. All cities were built for strategic and agricultural reasons. If you are interested in Kefalonia's history you can visit the Kefalonian history page on this site. When visiting Kefalonia you can imagine how it must have been like many centuries ago, since not a lot has changed on most parts of the island. This is how Louis de Bernieres found his inspiration to write his famous novel 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin', which has also been filmed in Kefalonia in the summer of 2000.

How to reach Cephalonia

The main airport is located near Argostoli and Lassi,and is a typical small island airport. In other words, if there are 2 or more `planes on the ramp, it can get very crowded! The main travel days are Tuesday and Sunday, and it's bedlam on both days! Remember that chaos is a Greek word and just go with the flow - the staff are surprisingly cheerful and relaxed. You can also arrive by frequent ferry from Italy, the Greek mainland, or other islands.





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